Special Features

  • Latex-free, odour-free and lightly powdered
  • Can Withstand IPA washing (ISO Propyl Alcohol).
  • Can be used in food industry
  • Ideal for doctors with latex allergy

Product Information

100% Synthetic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), No Natural Rubber Latex
Ambidextrous, non-sterile, beaded cuff and smooth external finish
Powder Content
< 2.0 mg max per one piece of gloves
Non Sterile
Shall comply with the corresponding labeling specification and customer requirement
Shelf Life
3 years from the date of manufacture
Storage condition
Shall be stored in cool dry place and away from direct light

Disposable Vinyl Gloves, Lightly Powdered

  • Vinyl examination gloves with high anti tear properties
  • Powdered & Disposable
  • Available in various sizes
  • Unisex

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