4 – 6 ft. Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

4 – 6 ft. Adjustable Restraint Lanyard


  • Designed for work positioning.
  • Both ends of the lanyard are equipped with forged Snap Hook PN 145
  • Adjuster ring provides adjustment from 4-6ft

Material: Polyester
Width: 1.18 in. ± 0.03 in.
Breaking Strength: 6000 lbs.

STITCHING THREAD:   Material: High-tenacity polyester

Material: Alloy Steel
Finish: Silver or Golden Yellow Galvanized

VITAL TEST COMPLIANCE:    Static Strength: 3600 lbs. for 1 Minute
WEIGHT:  2.29 lbs. ± 0.02 lbs.
SKU: L00046

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