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CleanB Oil Natural Sorbent

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CleanB Oil Natural Sorbent

CleanB-sorbent is a unique blend of fibrous cellulose material designed as an ultra efficient, nontoxic hydrocarbon absorbent. Made entirely of organic materials and naturally occurring microbes, CleanB-sorbent is not harmful to the environment, allowing in situ remediation.

With the ability to absorb up to 6 times its weight, CleanB-sorbent is the ideal product to help contain, clean and remediate hazardous hydrocarbon spills.


  • Will not leach hydrocarbons to saturation
  • Contains naturally occurring microbes
  • Effective on soil and water spills
  • Biodegradable Vapor Suppressant Hydrophobic Reusable to Saturation

Many Application

Soil: CleanB-sorbent’s high affinity for hydrocarbons allows it to be used for in situ remediation. The quick wicking action, combined with natural occurring microbes allows CleanB-sorbent to quickly and efficiently contain and absorb the contamination.

Water: The hydrophobic nature of CleanB-sorbent allows it to float on water, thereby absorbing surface spills. Its ability to quickly sequester and absorb the spill means less surface water is contaminated.

  • Land Farming
  • Tank Cleanup
  • Oil Spills
  • Drill Cuttings
  • Hazmat Spills and more

Not for use with acids!