Cofra Montpellier Brown Safety Boots 1/C EH PR

Cofra MONTPELLIER Brown Men Safety Boots METAL FREE Anti-Static Slip-Resistant


UPPER: water repellent Pull-up nubuck


EXTERNAL LINING: breathable synthetic

INTERNAL LINING: DRYTHERM 100% polyamide fabric, ladder proof, breathable, it absorbs and releases the moisture, abrasion resistant

FOOTBED: EVANIT, made of EVA and nitrile special compound, with high bearing capacity and variable thickness (12mm – 8mm – 3,8mm). Thermoformed, anatomic, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric. Antistatic thanks to a specific treatment on the surface and to seams made of conductive yarns

SOLE: polyurethane/TPU

TOE CAP: non metallic TOP RETURN resistant to 200 J

MIDSOLE: non metallic APT PLATE – Zero Perforation

SIZES:  7 1/2; 8; 8 1/2; 9; 9 1/2; 10; 10 1/2; 11; 12; 13; 14

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