Industrial Duct Tape



Industrial Duct Tape is a wide cloth adhesive tape perfect for sealing and securing. Works great with indoor and outdoor use, including seaming, packaging, repairing, bundling, masking and moisture barrier applications. Common sectors are versatile from commercial to personal.


⦁ Great for outdoor and indoor repair
⦁ Versatile use
⦁ Great tool for household and business
⦁ Moisture barrier applications
⦁ Commonly used on wood, leather, laminate, plastic, metal, and vinyl

Colors:  Silver, White, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Olive Green, Teal, and Blue

Width: Range (6mil, 7mil, 8mil, 9mil, 10mil, 11mil, 12mil, 13mil, 14.5mil

Case:  24 rolls /case


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