LOCTITE 243 is a medium strength blue threadlocking adhesive that seals and secures metal nuts and bolts to prevent loosening due to shock and vibration. Shop in Guyana.

Loctite 406™ Prism® Instant Adhesive, Surface Insensitive, 20g, Bottle, Clear

Loctite 406™ Prism® Instant Adhesive, Surface Insensitive, 20 g, Bottle, Clear


Loctite 406 clear Surface Insensitive cyanoacrylate adhesive is compatible with plastic, metal, wood, leather and rubber materials with a 24 hr cure time. Provides a 15 sec fixture time. Delivers great performance with a shear strength of 3200 psi. Minimum to maximum operating temperatures are -65 F to +250 F. Formerly known as Loctite 406 Prism.

Great for Pre-Built Surface Bonding

  • Viscosity: Wicking Grade
  • Fixture Time: 15 Sec
  • Ideal For: Post Production Bonding
  • Material Types: Plastic, Metal, Wood, Leather, and More

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