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Ocean Buoy

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Ocean Buoy

  • Series R are heavy duty Buoys in which the rib-reinforced rock solid ropehold is made in such way, in order to provide extra strength and durability. A versatile commercial fishing buoy for the most adverse conditions. Marking gear for ocean, sea, river, lake, beaches, cable installation and swimming area marking it is becoming widely popular among commercial fishermen in longline fishing, for its durability but also among the recreational boats too.They are one-piece made, which means that no parts are attached together to form the finalised buoy, and has consistent wall thickness and UV  resistant. Suitable for any use and any kind of boat from 20- 70ft, the Ocean Buoys “fends” proudly.

    Widely popular among commercial fishermen for its durability but also among the recreational boats too.

  • Inflation Pressure: 2.1 lbs / 0.15 bar at 68°F / 20°C
    Material: Plastisol PVC
    Production Process: Single procedure rotational moulding
Code Color Model Dimensions A (dia) x B(length) (mm) Eye-Dia D Vol per product (lt) Buoyancy (kg) Weight (kg) Boat Size (ft/m) Fender Cover Code
72006 Red R5 680×900 30 179,1 205 6,2 40-55/12-17 49361

Sizes:  Various