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Portable Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station, 1000ml

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This Portable Touchless Hand Sanitizer Station with Floor Stand features an automatic sanitizer dispenser. The hand sanitizer station comes with a 1000 ml refillable reservoir and works well with most gel hand sanitizers or liquid soap.

The hand sanitizer station is made with durable ABS plastic casing and is powered by 4-AA batteries (not included). The automatic sensor allows for quick sanitizer or liquid soap delivery without touching the machine which makes it accessible to persons with disabilities.

The automatic, touchless dispenser station comes with a handy drip tray and includes an infrared sensor for a non touch operation. The drip tray minimizes any extra hand sanitizer or soap from spilling onto the floor. This portable sanitizer unit comes with a sturdy base and adjusts to an approximate height ranging from 41 to 49 inches.

This smart environmentally friendly gel hand sanitizer station or gel type soap dispenser can be used in religious and academic institutions, warehouses, medical care facilities, offices, commercial spaces and government agencies.

Position this hand sanitizer station in key locations such as main entrances, staff lounges and conference rooms.

Capacity: 1000ml/33.8 fluid ounces
Handy drip tray4
Sturdy base
Adjustable height (41 to 49 inches)
Power supply: 4*1.5V Alkaline AA battery (not included), can use for over 20000 times/shot.
ABS material, corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant.
Approximate weight: 17lbs
Color: White
Item #: PWHS1000