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Reflective Hazard Floor Tape

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Reflective Hazard Floor Tape for Increased Visibility

  • Reflective, hazard striped surface
  • 7-year indoor/outdoor rating
  • Durable 6 mil vinyl tape – comparable to 3M 471 and 5700 style tapes
  • Removable backing liner
  • Aggressive adhesive will adhere to almost any surface

Reflective Hazard Floor Tape increases visibility and safety in dark environments by reflecting light from any nearby light sources. This tape is also very noticeable during the daytime, and its hazard striped pattern alerts people to potential dangers. The tape’s aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and allows the tape for last for 7 years. Reflective Hazard Floor Tape is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s easy to install. Just peel off the backing and stick the tape to a clean, dry surface. No need to worry about costly downtime.

Floor Marking, Safety Signs, Fire Safety, Safety, Workplace Safety

Colors:  Black on White, Orange on White, Orange on Black, (Haz) Black on Yellow; (Haz) Red on White

Width: Range (2″ x 30′, 2″ x 150′, 3″ x 30′, 3″ x 150′, 4″ x 30′, 4″ x 150′)


Case:  24 rolls /case