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Sqwincher ZERO Qwik Stik 10oz Sugar Free Powder Mix

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Sqwincher ZERO Qwik Stik 10oz Sugar Free Powder Mix

Enjoy the same great taste you expect from Sqwincher Qwik Stik. Single-serve pouch is designed to be poured directly into 10 oz bottle water. Just pour, shake and drink. Sugar free for the diabetic or carb conscious workers.

Sqwincher’s electrolyte replacement formula was designed for the high heat stress environments of industry. Sqwincher is absorbed into the body significantly faster than water alone, allowing the body to replenish the electrolytes and minerals needed for re-hydration. Plus, Sqwincher contains nearly twice the Potassium and half the Sodium compared to other sports drinks used in industry, and it tastes better.

Qwik Stiks 20 oz Variety Pack 5 packs of 10 ea (200) Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry, Orange and Strawberry Lemonade

The awesome Qwik Stiks you enjoy are now available in a convenient 10 Count Tube. With Sqwincher 10 Count Tube, you have multiple opportunities during your busy day to hydrate, replenish and recharge your body.

This perfect 10 has “life on the go” written all over it. Grab your water bottle, pop the top on your Tube, and add that Qwik Stik for an instant electrolyte replacement and hydration. When your Tube is empty, DON’T TRASH IT, REFILL IT. The Tube comes in handy for more Qwik Stiks or a nifty compartment for various items.

10 Stiks for repeating hydration without interrupting your activity/day.
Perfect way to replace electrolytes and stay hydrated anywhere you are.
Sugar free to support a healthy lifestyle.

Item #: 9981610