Tap Magic® EP-Xtra® 16 oz. Spout Top Cutting Fluid

Tap Magic® EP-Xtra® 16 oz. Spout Top Cutting Fluid


  • Tap Magic EP-Xtra® is an ozone-friendly formula that provides outstanding performance on all cuts and all metals – even hard metals such as stainless steel
  • The proprietary additive, EP-Xtra, provides a synergistic boost in performance
  • A heavy-duty and versatile formula that performs incredibly on all metals and in any operation
  • No matter what application you have in mind, Tap Magic EP-Xtra can take care of it
  • Highly effective for drilling, tapping, milling – all cuts on all metals
  • This is the fluid to have when you don’t know what cut or what metal tomorrow may bring
  • 16 oz. bottle with spout top

APPLICATION: Drilling, Lathe work – All Metal Cutting Operations, Milling, Sawing, Tapping

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