Technician Goggles


A classic impact and splash goggle line, Technician is a style that already has the confidence of many workers.

  • Three unique venting system options: perforated, cap vent, and patented 390 vent.
  • Perforated venting system provides ideal impact protection for dusty environments.
  • Both Cap and Patented 390 (three separate 90° angles) Cap venting systems create reliable splash protection.
  • Independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+.
Part# Vent Type/Lens Std. Pkg.
Technician Impact Goggle
32021 Perforated Vent/Clear Lens/Uncoated 10/box
32022 Perforated Vent/Clear fX2 Anti-Fog Lens 10/box
Technician Splash Goggle
32061 Cap Vent/Clear Lens/Uncoated 10/box
32062 Cap Vent/Clear fX2 Anti-Fog Lens 10/box
32391 390 Cap Vent/Clear Lens/Uncoated 10/box
32392 390 Cap Vent/Clear fX2 Anti-Fog Lens 10/box

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