General purpose absorbent pads are also known as all-liquid absorbents, universal absorbents or even maintenance absorbents and are ideal for clean up and maintenance of the inevitable leaks, drips and oil spills generated from the day to day activities of transporting, storing and dispensing liquid.

Tryall's Universal Truck Spill Kit

Tryall’s Universal Truck Spill Kit

Tryall’s spill kits are perfect for any and all disaster preparedness situations. They contain the finest quality products for oil only or universal spill control and are fully customizable!

Kit Contains:

  • 1 Clear Vinyl Zipper Bag
  • 20 Sorbent Pads, 17″ x 19″
  • 1 Sorbent Sock, 3″ x 48″
  • 1 Sorbent Sock, 3″ x 120″
  • 1 Disposable Bag
  • 1 Pair Of Safety Goggles
  • 1 Pair Of Nitrile Gloves

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