Wheelz® Contemporary Goggles

Wheelz® Contemporary Goggles

Contemporary goggle protection for those who like to work hard, Wheelz is lightweight and stylish.

  • Compact frame is more comfortable than traditional bulky goggles.
  • Whirlwind ventilation system minimizes fogging by circulating air through the optical chamber.
  • Elastic head strap can easily be adjusted to ensure a safe, snug fit.
  • Now available with a NextGen™ Neoprene head strap and fX3™ premium anti-fog lens option!
  • Independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards
Part # Frame/Lens Std. Pkg.
450NX9 NEW! Clear/Clear fX3 premium anti-fog/NextGen Neoprene strap 10/box
45080 Clear/Clear 10/box
45883 Black/Gray 10/box
45079 Clear/Clear fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box
45878 Black/Gray fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box
4588M Black/Silver Mirror 10/box
4589M Black/Blue Mirror 10/box
4588F Black/Silver Mirror fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box
4589F Black/Blue Mirror fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box
45564 Green/IR Shade 3.0 10/box
45566 Green/IR Shade 5.0 10/box
4589P Black with Foam Edge/Clear fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box
4588P Black with Foam Edge/Gray fX2 Anti-Fog 10/box

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