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18″ Cut Resistant Arm Sleeve

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18″ cut resistant sleeve

ANSI/ISEA A4-rated sleeves have a thumbhole that prevents the sleeve from sliding up the arm and exposing the wrist when tasks involve reaching or significant movements. A4 cut-level sleeves protect arms when encountering medium to heavy cut hazards, such as those found when handling glass bottles, installing drywall and HVAC ductwork, and working with recycling materials.

Cut-resistant sleeves protect workers’ arms from cuts, abrasions, and lacerations. They are often worn with cut-resistant gloves to extend protection from the wrist up the arm toward the elbow or shoulder. They are tested to meet ANSI/ISEA cut-level specifications and are worn by workers who encounter cut hazards, such as automotive and assembly-line workers, maintenance professionals, recycling and sanitation workers, and metal workers.

  • 18″ cut resistant sleeve
  • ANSI cut level A4
  • Superior cut resistance
  • Thumb hole for a secure fit
  • Material: HPPE
  • Sold in singles

Applications : Glass Handling. Sheet Metal Handling.