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  • 18 Gauge HPPE A4 Cut Resistant Glove

    18 gauge, Lightweight HPPE A4 Cut Resistant Glove with  Impact 2 Protection Back, Fully Coated with Nitrile and Dots   The VHM-4882 Lightweight HPPE CL4 Glove, Dotted Nitrile Palm, glove features a velcro strap delivers an ANSI Cut Level A4 and an ANSI Puncture Level 5 The black, sandy nitrile anti vibration padded palm provides…

  • 18 Gauge Lightweight HPPE A4 Cut Resistant Glove, VHM-4821

  • cut-resistant-arm-sleeve

    18″ Cut Resistant Arm Sleeve

    18″ cut resistant sleeve ANSI/ISEA A4-rated sleeves have a thumbhole that prevents the sleeve from sliding up the arm and exposing the wrist when tasks involve reaching or significant movements. A4 cut-level sleeves protect arms when encountering medium to heavy cut hazards, such as those found when handling glass bottles, installing drywall and HVAC ductwork,…

  • 222-010-polyurethane-coated-polyester-knit-gloves

    222-010 Polyurethane Coated Polyester Knit Gloves

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash on short, gentle cycle or hand wash in water not exceeding 90° F (32° C) with a mild non-ionic detergent. Air dry flat or tumble dry on low heat (less than 104° F).
    • Polyurethane (PU) smooth palm coating provides a secure grip in dry and slightly wet conditions.
    • 13 gauge polyester seamless liner with comfort and breathability.
    • Excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity.
    • Elasticized cuff designed to keep out dirt and debris.
    • Size: 9″-in. L x 3.25″-in W.
  • 3/4 Dipped Ultra Glove

    3/4 Dipped Ultra Glove This 3/4 Dipped Ultra Glove meets ANSI standards for cut protection is an extremely rugged work glove with nylon and PU/Nitrile foam construction that helps to provide superior abrasion and tear resistance while also ensuring excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, making this glove not only provide rugged strength, but…

  • 713DGU-gray-palm-cut-resistant-HPPe-gloves

    713DGU Gray Palm Cut Resistant HPPe Gloves

    • EN388=4542, ANSI Cut A4, 1825 GMS
    • ANSI Abrasion Level 6
    • Gray HPPE Fiber shell with gray polyurethane coating. Gray HPPE Fiber shell with gray polyurethane coating.
    • Seamless knit shell.
  • 713HUTS-cut-resistant-touchscreen-gloves

    713HUTS Cut Resistant-Touchscreen Gloves

    Type Dipped Gloves Material HPPE Coating Polyurethane Cut Level ANSI 2 Description The West Chester Cut Resistant Gloves are constructed with a HPPE shell and a polyurethane coating. The gloves feature a wired fingertips for use with touchscreens, and are machine washable. The gloves are designed for automotive, glass handling, sheet metal work, and cutting…

  • ActivGrip™ 566 13 Gauge Nitrile Glove

    ActivGrip™ 566 Glove EXCELLENT OIL GRIP PERFORMANCE WITH 13-GAUGE LINER ActivGrip™ 566 is specifically designed for the working environment where 360° hand protection from mechanical hazards is required. A 13-gauge seamless liner offers not only flexibility but durability, thus increasing productivity and safety. A soft yet durable nitrile coating technology “MicroFinish®” adheres to virtually any…

  • Ansell HyFlex® 11-600 Polyurethane Coated Gloves

    HyFlex® 11-600 Nylon Polyurethane Gloves Right balance between dexterity and sensitivity for delicate handling KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS Stretch nylon liner and polyurethane coating offer tactile sensitivity Available in palm-dipped style for added protection or finger dipped style for maximum tactile sensitivity Offered in white for dirt sensitive application or in black for environments that…

  • impact-glove-grey-cut

    Anti Impact Glove Grey Cut Resistant

    • TPE pads offering excellent impact protection on both the back of a hand and fingers
    • Softness of TPE padding reducing hand fatigue compared to PVC and longer lasting
    • Genuine Alkimos® cut 5 yarn throughout the glove and not just on palm guaranteeing full cut resistant protection
    • Nitrile with sandy surface offers good grip in both dry & wet environments and excellent oil & chemical resistance
    • High degree of flexibility and durability with optimum dexterity
    • Cuff with Velcro for secure fastening and opening making it easier on and off donning
  • multi-task-cut

    Anti-Impact Multi-Task Glove


    The Multi-Task E C5 Gloves offer a high level of resistance against mechanical risks and impact, making them ideal for a number of applications. This includes the following:

    • Assembly work
    • Bricklayers’ work
    • Building work
    • Cutting work
    • Heavy construction work
    • Glass handling
    • Logistics work
    • Processing work
    • Scaffolding work
    • Steel handling
  • Arctic Winter Gloves, Nitrile Coating

    Arctic Winter Gloves, Nitrile Coating Thermal Protection Gloves When cold thermal hazards are present, the hands’ motor skills can be greatly reduced, this leads to increased risks of accidents and injury. Specially designed thermal protective gloves are available to combat these hazardous environments. Hand Protection A wide and increasing range of Hand Protection styles is…

  • Armor Flex Impact Glove

    HPPE Impact Level 2 Glove, ANSI Cut 6, Black Sandy Nitrile Palm, FEATURES • 13 Gauge Light Weight A6 Pepper Color Cut Resistant Shell • Sandy Nitrile Palm for High Puncture & Abrasion Resistant • Soft & Flexible TPR Impact 2 Protection • Velcro Closure for Snug Fitting • HPPE Impact Glove • TPR Padding…

  • Armor Flex Impact Glove A6

    18 Gauge HPPE Impact Level 2 Glove, Cut A6, Black Microfoam Nitrile Palm FEATURES 18 Gauge Knitted Impact Glove with Nitrile Palm, ANSI Cut level 6 with Impact 2 Protection • Knuckle Strap, Velcro Closure • Sandy Nitrile Palm • Reinforced with PVC between Thumb and First Finger • TPR Back TECHNICAL DATA Product Type…

  • barracuda-original-HPPE-polyurethane

    Barracuda Original HPPE Polyurethane Glove

    Lightest weight, most comfortable shell.
    HPPE shell with PU palm for secure grip and abrasion resistance.
    Seamless knit shell.
    Machine washable.
    12 pair per carton.

  • blue-nitrile

    Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    For moderate to high exposure to fluids or chemicals Powder-free and natural rubber latex-free Textured fingertips Ambidextrous Non-sterile Length: 9.5 in.   Functional Benefits Textured fingertips enhance instrument control in both wet and dry situations Special design provides superb fit and comfort for extended wear Beaded cuff for added strength and ease in donning Clinical…