• TPE pads offering excellent impact protection on both the back of a hand and fingers
  • Softness of TPE padding reducing hand fatigue compared to PVC and longer lasting
  • Genuine Alkimos® cut 5 yarn throughout the glove and not just on palm guaranteeing full cut resistant protection
  • Nitrile with sandy surface offers good grip in both dry & wet environments and excellent oil & chemical resistance
  • High degree of flexibility and durability with optimum dexterity
  • Cuff with Velcro for secure fastening and opening making it easier on and off donning

Anti Impact Glove Grey Cut Resistant

Product Information: GBN5 is a multi-task cut resistant glove with TPR back and nitrile palm.

HPPE/Nylon/Glass Fiber/Spandex liner

Injection molded TPR padding on the back of hand, thumb and fingers

Black sandy nitrile palm, foam padded • 13 Gauge • ANSI Cut A5 • ANSI 138 Level 1 – Knuckle Impact Protection

ANSI 138 Level 2 – Finger and Thumb Impact Protection • Reinforced between thumb and first finger Applications: Used for common applications such as construction, carpentry, material handling, hand/power tool use, light demolition, and assembly. Technical Data: Model Number: GBN5 Material: HPPE/Nylon/Glass Fiber/Spandex /Nitrile Color: Gray/Green/Black Cuff Style: Knit wrist Packaging: Individually Packaged

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