Champion Chase Gloss Danger Orange - 4190930

Champion Chase Gloss Danger Orange – 4190930

Champion Sprayon® Premium Enamel offers a broad range of colors and finishes. This multi-purpose, interior/exterior enamel dries quickly, provides excellent coverage and durability, and resists chipping and peeling. The line includes three finishes in black and three in white, four different metallic shades, a clear coat, and 15 colors in various finishes.

  • Dry Time: 8 – 12 minutes to touch, handle after 1 hour
  • Recoating: Apply light coats a minimum of 15 minutes apart
  • Cleanup: Mild solvent (mineral spirits, turpentine, paint thinner)
  • Note: An OSHA safety color

Recommended uses
For use on metal, wood, ceramic, wicker, plaster, masonry and some plastic surfaces.

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