SHOWA® NSK-24™ 14" Knit Lined Nitrile Coated Chemical Glove

SHOWA® NSK-24™ 14″ Knit Lined Nitrile Coated Chemical

A flexible impermeable knit-lined dual nitrile chemical glove providing grip and protection from an array of solvents, oils and acids.

Fully coated nitrile; double coated
Resists Hydrochloric Acid (37%) – Level 6 breakthrough time EN374
Scalloped edge
Rough textured finish over surface of hand
Without special treatment
Anatomical shape
Cut and sewn
Suitable for food handling

A flexible glove that absorbs perspiration, for ultra comfortable extended wear and with good mechanical resistance
Protects the hand from oils, hydrocarbons, grease and abrasion, with effective long lasting grip
Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments
Surface provides tactile feel and better grip
Lower allergy risks
Designed for easy movement and continuous wear
Wrist well protected

Forestry & fishing
Municipal services
Oil & gas

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